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Now is the time to purchase a new conditioner or have yours repaired. For January, February and March 2017 a 10% discount on new, rebuilt and all parts.


Our new redesigned 2010 Model with 2" x 4" x 1/4" Tube Tooth Rail (patent pending)

Once the complete frame and gussets are welded in place, the complete machine is then sandblasted before it is primed and finished with rust proof paint.
Colours available are - Orange and Green

With main frames fabricated out of 6" channel and the tooth rail out of 4" x 2". Tubing Conditioners boast rugged durability and superior design for easy maintenance at a price that is affordable for any Training Track. Also this conditioner is very easy to clean as no dirt will sit on tubings and the way our new tooth holders are designed it will only take a minute to change a tooth and teeth are 1" x 1/2" with carbide tips 1/2" x 3/4" so you will get twice the life out of them.


The new 2010 models can be seen at various race tracks and training tracks in Canada and the USA.

Also available 8' + 10' pull behind truck conditioners. Power unit or hand operated at competitive prices. For small tracks or when track is wet before freeze up.

We use only the best carbide tipped teeth held in place by stainless steel holders that will never rust.
Teeth are available in 8", 10" and 12" lengths.

Special teeth for other Conditioners are also available.

We use 1 1/2" heavy duty Timken and Dodge flange bearings only. The shaft and hub are bolted on the rollers for easy replacement and minimal maintenance.

Also available 10' and 12' Conditioners with 18" rollers. The 8' and 10' Conditioners come with 10 1/2" rollers.

Also available: Level Bars and Drag Screens.

All Conditioners are manufactured in Canada and sold in Canadian funds.

We now rent track conditioners out on weekly or monthly rate for more information call or e-mail us


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